Music Matters. . .

Here is some inside information on what I’ve been up to and some background on 4 songs I think you will like. . .
“Out of Time” (Soul/Pop w/a liberal sprinkling of Funky vibrations)- In today’s news there is more and more bad news about how men and women are relating to each other, and very little on solutions. I don’t have the answers, just some thoughts on what could work. On this keyboard-centric groove, I am using a classic jazz/blues chord progression around a theme of this male/female dynamic. (Add to this some pocket horn lines that are accented by a barritone sax dropped in a funky place! But I digress. . . ) The question finally comes to, are we meant to be together? Is this relationship out of time? In a light comic twist at the end, I say, “Hold up DJ, call Dr. Phil!” I invite you to look at relationships like a dance. Stevie Wonder and Prince inspired, I wonder out loud, If we dance together isn’t there hope? And maybe, just maybe, we aren’t out of time after all. This btw, is the song that I also filmed as a duet with Gayle Chapman (former Price keyboardist), which was great fun.
“Shades of Gray” (New Soul/Pop)- This is a downtempo reflection on the artist’s journey. Here my goal is to showcase lyrical content while keeping things grounded with a solid mid-tempo groove. It is a circular groove that is based around 4 chords at its center, and a variety of strategically placed counterpoint, which includes strings and sound scapes, that I hope piques your interest in interesting ways. The song starts with me singing, “He speaks of darkness in intimate snatches, he writes out his mortality in a journal. . .” Being an artist for me is about asking questions, and doing your best to tell the story of the times you live in. . . in the end, “We’re just actors in the maker’s play as we descend into shades of gray…”
“Push!” (Soul/Dance)- This is a throw back to my funk roots. Coming of age in the late 80’s and 90’s it is an homage to Prince, and Parliment Funkadelic. The moving bass line showcases my work on synth and piano and highlights the Casio PX5S Stage Piano/Synth which I love! At the song’s center is the vibe, and the core idea, that no matter how difficult life may seem, we need to continue to Push! forward. In fact, why not dance! It is also a geat work out track according to friends that have enjoyed the youtube video, and encouraged Ellen Degenerous to dance to Push! on her show. That would be great wouldn’t it?! “Dance with me Ellen ;-)”
“Tapioca Static” (Perhaps my favorite of the four, Jazz/Soul)- This song brings me again back to the lyric. . . (the song’s first line, Tapioca Static, I’ve been smokin’ you too long, now baby I’m an addict. . .” gives you a little flavor of that), and of course, there is my long-time flirtation with jazz chord progressions. On a personal note, it is a sad irony, that just as I joined Casio’s Artist website, the great jazz keyboardist Joe Sample passed away. He was not only a great inspiration, he was one of the many reasons I was so excited to join Casio’s list of artists. I dedicate this piece to Joe. My love for jazz, and jazz influenced by funk is largely due to Joe Sample, Herbie Hancock, and another genius we recently lost, George Duke. Tapioca Static draws its lyrical energy from lost love, (and maybe, loving too much, and the side effects of that). . It shifts from a more or less standard soul-jazz groove, to something with funky, progressive tendancies with the electric piano and bass interacting with the organ, creating a subtle undertone for what I hope is something groovy. Please stay close, and visit the Casio Aaron Todd page, and my official site linked below.

CASIO’s Aaron Todd Artist Page
Aaron Todd’s official webpage

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