Ya’ll don’t mind? If I untie a little, the mystery of who we be?

Tee. . .What does it stand for?  I get a lot of questions about this.


So, here goes.  Ever since I was a young, friends have called me T. or Tee. . .


The T. (or Tee) stands for Todd.  I am Aaron Todd.  For me, this hasn’t ever been a real big deal, but as I talk to people from the marketing and advertising side of things. . . they always remind me, Aaron Todd works better.  😉  Just remember, my friends can always call me Aaron T.  or just T. . . . (just don’t call me late for coffee 😉


So as the marketing begins to rachet up for the CD, (don’t worry, I am not one of those, send out a million notification type artists. . . Always organicly, and always in consideration of your time. . .)  “Aaron Todd” is the name you will see. Now you know a little more about me.


Your very own,


Aaron Todd (T.),


(btw, if you haven’t connected with me on Twitter yet it is http://www.Twitter.com/aarontodd).

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