When Today Seems Broken…

On September 9th, I read a version of this poem during an interview w/Elaine Deva Proffitt on her Blogtalk Radio show. .

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/midnightfantasies/2010/09/10/aaron-todd-t.  By special request I am sharing it here.  It is dedicated to anyone who finds themselves in the midst of struggle. . . There is hope, that I am certain of.  Even when today seems broken. . . .


When Today Seems Broken

Aaron Todd


Eternity is not time

It is a dimension of our present condition,

Which thought, and the ticking clock mask.

This is it. . . This experience here.Here in this moment. . .today.

Even when today seems broken.


The now, and it’s challenges are the function of life.

And the action of experiencing them, is the act of finding God.

Yes, there is sorrow in it. . .(The Buddhists say that all life is sorrowful).

But in that sorrow, also exits life’s music, the wonderful song of you.

On one level, it hurts to hear it’s melody,

But on a higher level, the bliss of its creation, is your joy.


Because even when your today seems broken,

You are blessed by the opportunity it presents.

Do not wish it would be otherwise. . . Do not slip into a grief,

That leads to the suggestion that this space, and your experience here, is hell.

Later, in some other place, you will be far too consumed with the mind of God

To remember the pains and shames of this moment,

When today seems broken.


All rights reserved Aaron Todd ©2001/2010

(from my book of poetry “iAnimal”, a companion piece to the forthcoming full-length Days of Grace CD)


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Love, soul, and song,



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