Here are a few very kind words that are coming in about the music. I am encouraged by each to shine “mo brighter” ;-)



“Can’t Even Cry”


Without a doubt…..this is pure Literary Gold….The Lyrics are dead on from the heart, and everyone can relate…..So Impressed, and Proud of you Aaron…..(I see the light shining down on you)………………KYB


I AM IN LOVE with this song !

Eloa (Czech Republic)


Very wonderful and profound.




-Claudia (Miami Florida


Nice cut, man. I love the vibe of it. Right On!!!

On the real, that is a rockin’ piece.

A. Scott Galloway


Wow, man…. N I C E. I love it bro! You singing your tail off 🙂 Love the vibe man but of course, youve always had it from day one man. Much respect man, i really love it!


-Chuckii Booker



I like it T. ya know I want one of the signed limited edition copies, hope shades of gray is on it 🙂 -Debra (Rutledge Tennessee)


Mummm, Mummm, Beautiful Aaron, and so Soulful, I sure love to get a copy, tell me how please? ‘ Can’t Even Cry”. Blew Me away…Slayed Me… As my Mom used to say..You have amazing gifts….-Adriel (Virginia Beach, VA)




F A N T A S T I C Music and performance!! Aaron you are GREAT!




sweet track, can feel your pain!


Awesome, Aaron



“WOW……….GREAT………GREAT………..GREAT !!!!


Bustin down all the barriers a hybrid ballet of funk, rap, soul and alternative.”


THIS IS TRULY FANtastic…… are truly a RARE TALENT




This is an outstanding piece of work……

All in the pocket, BAM….. That’s what it is Man

that’s how you do that thang……..




Man… need to get the right people to back this cuz it’s radio ready my man! Awesome sound & groove…..I don’t know what you mean by the vox aren’t ready???? It is right on the money…..


And if you shamed her, own the blame and then call her name so she might remember who you be. . POWERFUL words…


You’re the real deal….




i like the addition of the guitar. this mix definitely has the oomph factor we were discussing a few days ago. vocals sounding good. piano fits nicely. not too overpowering. good job on this mix. i just ♥ ur soulful vibe. i dig the concept for the ep. hope (even in the face of heartbreak) & love are universal & necessary elements of life. i’m likin’ this. :o) n>-Jana (Toronto Canada)


It’s art…


-Julian D. (Miami)_


Radio ready!


-Scott Johnson (Jamaica NY)


Really dig your style man. So much feeling on your material!




Masterful track,modern arrangement and use of voice,pro mixing.



sweet, a2! No hybrid, this is u, man



Mon Dieu, oui Aaron, où sont les limites de l’abandon de soi? Se blâmer de tous les maux et toujours vouloir donner, encore et encore….même quand ça fait mal!! Tu as un très joli brin de voix


(My God, yes Aaron, where are the limits of self-surrender? Blaming all the ills and always wanting to give, again and again …. even when it hurts! You have a very pretty little voice)


-Dorothee (Brussels)


WOW! Love your sound (on all that I listened to), original, your amazing depth and sensitivity come through, the etherial sound meets techno touch on this one is great. You had me hanging on the lyrics…any woman would be touched. I feel you with that voice. You are a gifted being…Keep up the good will! I will be keeping an ear on you…xoxo



You are a beautiful spirit Aaron, it shines brightly. How can we not be in a state of awe at seeing you BECOME!


-Alexandria Burrogh (Mokelumne Hill)

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