Never Thought I would say this, today, I’m a Cheesehead

No matter what you think about the Greenbay Packers taking the Super Bowl, . . .I LOVE the people of Wisconsin. By the way, the team, the Packers, as far as I know, is the only, THE ONLY NFL franchise that is publicly owned. No owner, no ownership group, the Packers are owned by the town.

The more I learn about history, the more I am convinced of how much I do not know. . .Here are just some of the facts of l didn’t know about politics in Wisconsin over the last 75 years or so, that today, made this Minnesota Vikings fan, a cheese head. They love their unions, and the right of the workers to collectively bargain. The 5 day work week. . . .born in Wisconsin. . . Collective Bqrgaining, born in Wisconsin. The main union for state and county workers. . . AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees), born in Wisconsin 75 years ago. And oh. . in 1932 Wisconsin Gov. Philip La Follette, created the nation’s first unemployment compensation law. In 1932. And, exactly 100 years ago, Wisconsin was first to create a law providing payment to workers injured on the job.What is happening politically in Wisconsin is something NOT owned by the people, and they are pretty pissed off about it.

Having said this, it is obvious why there are thousands of people on the streets in that great state. They are on the right side of history. On the other hand, the right-wing folks who were elected during the mid-term elections, including the current Governor, Scott Walker are on the “wrong” side of this issue. I am watching with great interest.

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